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Boost your recruiting.

Denote yourself as 'a person of substance, rather than fly-by-night-trickster or naive-and-inconsequential no-hoper'.

We're currently revising our existing Ambassador option, to make it even more attractive to 'potential leaders'… ambitious NMers wanting to build a significant downline.

As an Upline365 Ambassador, in addition to Personal Lifetime membership you get 3-month memberships to provide as gifts to prospects/team/others.

How many?


(With additional top-ups at pro-rata cost.)

The price?

Not yet sure of longer-term pricing, for now it's just $1000 annual (or $100 monthly).

If we subsequently raise the price, you'll get the deal you paid for without additional cost.

'I'm an Upline365 Ambassador…' is a good way to promote yourself.

Business-building exposure and attention you literally can't get elsewhere… it'll boost your credibility and help build better relationships with prospects, customers, and others.

Helping to get into 'relationships with strangers', it immediately denotes you as… 'a person of substance, rather than fly-by-night-trickster or naive-and-inconsequential no-hoper'.

If you're smart-enough to see the value here, you'll likely get the picture without further explanation and appreciate the light-hearted way in which we're making a serious point.

Such a promo-spiel might read something like…

I care enough about 'doing NM right', and helping those with whom I work to get a good start and ongoing support, that I put my money upfront and make free membership available to everyone in my team, and even those who're thinking of joining me.

To be clear'… this is 'buying attention' by giving away something of value.

This is of course often done in business, and can be very effective.

And providing a gift membership to Upline365 is better than 'some hokey free report' (or a free pen).

Oh, almost forgot…

Also included is a 'why I'm an Upline365 Ambassador' profile-raising/boosting interview (audio and text format) with John… in which 'it's made clear that you're an a-ok person of good intent'.

It'll be included onsite, and can also be used in your own promo activity.

Overall, becoming an Upline365 Ambassador should be a significant help in your promo activity.

Anyway, that's enough 'selling'.

You either get the value and want it, or don't.

There's no click-here-to-buy button.

If you're interested, tell us and well send you a PayPal invoice.