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(1 minute read, + audio/video.)

Elon Musk's insights on greatness.

Many imagine what it would be like to be great.

Some work hard to become so.


The 'you' factor.

(4 minute read.)

Todd Falcone with advice on working outside your comfort zone.

If you've been in NM for more than a few months, it's likely you'll have heard…

'You need to work harder on you, than you do in your job or occupation.'

'To earn more, you must become more.'

Sounds good, seems logical, but what does it mean? How can we apply this to our lives and NM careers.


Break negative thinking.

(Less than a minute to read, + audio/video.)

Tony Robbins on 'shift your focus and turn your life around'.

Self-pressure creates anxiety, which can lead to overwhelm.

We can become more capable by clarifying… by being clear on what we want and finding-out what it'll take.


How to become more disciplined.

(Less than a minute to read, + audio/video.)

Tony Robbins considers 'excuses, permission and development'.

We act in accord with how we define ourselves.

And as we move through life, we often require updates.



(9 minute read.)

Richard Brooke explains how to keep leads flowing: without buying them, running ads, or bothering family and friends.

Maintaining a constant source of people to talk to about your opportunity is the weak link in most NMers.

Where do you find them? How do you interest them?


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