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What we sell, and how we do it.

We've previously mentioned how we want to build a decent business based on trust and respect, and that maximizing profit doesn't interest us.

Our primary focus isn't 'making as much money as we can'.

Instead, it's to provide a genuinely good (worthwhile and fairly-priced) service for members.

An important part of this is what we sell, and how we do it.

There's a widely accepted view that 'businesses looking to maximize revenue need to throw as many revenue-generating opportunities at users as they will tolerate'.

Personally, I find that horrible… and instead favor an altogether-more-decent alternative (which can often actually be more profitable): 'don't piss-off users by trying to squeeze them for every possible penny'.

'Maximising profit' is rarely compatible with 'best interests of your customers'.

So we won't.

Beyond existing options, there's no cross-sales/up-sales/whatever.

You pay for membership (and optional Gift Packs to provide as gifts to prospects/team/others), and that's it.

There'll be no additional books/events/'special deal with out partners' or other such frippery.

We'll keep prices as low as we sensibly can.

…and avoid the often-nonsensical 'a $647 value for just $23, if you buy today!' ploys whereby 'the apparent value of what's on offer is over-stated beyond reasonable belief, then heavily discounted and supplemented with various bonus material as a buy-now inducement'.

We're just not interested in a situation where someone has to be persuaded, convinced and sold.

So we simply state our case in a dialed-down manner, then step back.

If someone wants to buy, that's good. 'Thanks.'
And if they don't, that's ok.

That seems the decent thing, preferable to trying to exploit others and squeeze 'em for every penny we can get.

'Happy customers' should be a natural consequence, and enable us to build a healthy business (so it's not entirely altruistic).

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