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'Educate yerself.'

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Right now there's a great deal (lifetime membership, just $25) for those who 'get' (understand, believe and trust) what we're doing.

So here's a gentle nudge, with a quick look at what's being built…

No-nonsense practical how-to advice.

'Old, new, short, long… for beginners and others.'

Combining valuable knowledge and useful perspective, to 'make you think, and help you understand'… enabling you to prosper in an activity which is a lot tougher than many would have you believe.

'All that. And more.'

Our a-z of topics includes:

…administration, advertising, branding, coaching, customer service, finance, getting started, goal-setting, internet, leadership, legal issues, management, marketing, motivation, networking, personal growth, presentation, promotion, prospecting, public speaking, recruiting, research, retailing, selling, strategy, teamwork, technology, time management, tools, training, vision, women, writing.

'From leading coaches and experts.'

'Who?' Sources include…

Art Jonak, Bob Proctor, Brian Klemmer, Brian Tracy, Chris Widener, Denis Waitley, Doug Firebaugh, Guy Kawasaki, Hilton Johnson, Jackie Ulmer, Jim Rohn, John David Mann, John Milton Fogg, Kim Klaver, Len Clements, Leo Babauta, Mark Yarnell, Michael Clouse, Michael Oliver, Nido Qubein, Randy Gage, Richard Brooke, Rod Nichols, Seth Godin, Tim Sales, Todd Falcone, Tom Hopkins, Tom Peters, Tom Schreiter, Zig Ziglar… and many more.

Not only, but also…

Examples of published and to-be-published articles include…

  • 'Network Marketing and the American Dream.'
  • 'How to get a regular flow of good quality referrals.'
  • 'How to get your prospect's instant and favorable attention.'
  • 'How to avoid awkward beginnings.'
  • 'How to listen through objections.'
  • 'The secret to being a 'natural'.'
  • 'How to stop 'selling', and start building relationships.'
  • 'Top recruiting tips.'
  • 'The two worlds of marketing.'
  • 'The antidote to hype and hustle marketing.'
  • 'It's up to you.'
  • 'Becoming a person of integrity.'
  • 'Avoidable mistakes in Network Marketing.'
  • 'Myths about selling.'
  • '100 ways to succeed.'

Want more…?

  • 'Forging your self confidence.'
  • 'Sharpening your conversation skills.'
  • 'The art of schmoozing.'
  • 'Characteristics of a professional.'
  • 'Are relatives and friends hard to sponsor?'
  • 'How to respond to 'I could never do Network Marketing.''
  • 'Building your network.'
  • 'The most common mistakes of Network Marketers.'
  • 'NM moms.'
  • 'The 'one-minute' NM-er.'
  • 'Five-step sponsoring.'
  • 'Habits for Network Marketing success.'
  • 'How come nobody will listen?'
  • 'The worst things you can say to a good prospect.'
  • 'Using failure to further your future.'
  • 'Ways to jumpstart your life.'
  • 'Shift from 'amateur to professional'.'
  • 'Getting more prospects faster.'
  • 'Voice tips for effective speaking.'
  • 'The art of persuasion.'
  • 'How to fail in Network Marketing.'
  • 'How to become effective at prospecting.'
  • 'How to get a fresh start in your NM business.'
  • 'The qualities of leadership.'

And don't forget, there's audio and video too.

Intelligent and credible stuff, it's a convenient service for Network Marketers who don't know where to look for useful information or have time to search.

So, as a member, you'll get helpful advice and save valuable time.

John Milton Fogg, co-founder.

What to expect?

It's a big promise, but if you earnestly apply the stuff we publish you'll…

  • Become more confident.
  • Dramatically improve your ability to effectively communicate, to individuals or groups of any size, in both your business and personal life.
  • Gain more credibility and enhanced respect.
  • Execute more effectively.
  • Drive results faster with clearer messages that inspire people to take action.
  • Grow your leadership abilities.
  • Advance your career.

Believe it.

When communicating and connecting, instead of learning manipulative techniques… you invest time and energy in the development of your ability to start, grow and maintain deep, long-term relationships.

Instead of elevator speeches… you speak of your service or product in a way that's authentic to you. You won't need to make-up anything, or manipulate others to buy from you.

Instead of setting meetings with a hidden agenda… you apply refined relationship practices to the conduct of marketing.

Instead of aiming marketing messages at large groups… you share uncontrived and effortlessly with all you meet.

For you?

If you're already a Network Marketer or are considering becoming one, Upline365 will help you.

An excellent resource for personal & professional development, it's a practical and intelligent solution to the very real problem faced by nearly every Network Marketer: 'Just what do I do?'.

So… if you're ready to join, here's the 'lifetime membership, just $25' link.

A free 10-day trial is available (no payment info required).

(And if you're not yet ready, you may want to re-read this page and think about things.)