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Someone to...

'All I need is a friend, someone to give me a helping hand.'

As we've noted

Neither J nor I want to be 'boss'. (We're both probably getting too old for it anyway.)

So, between us we'll set-up and mother this thing through to stability, and thereafter step swiftly aside into a background role from which we can help appropriately.

'Somebody else can monitor and manage things…', we'll find an appropriate individual to helm this business, a 'savvy head-honcho to set direction and watch over things', and thus release us.

And we'll welcome a lady, because that should help ensure a kinder, gentler (though still of course effective) business.

  • It's a freelance role.
  • Equity buy-in is optional.
  • Financial rewards are generous, including vested equity (free stock).

And we're relatively open-minded about 'what kind of person'.

  • Maybe they're an entrepreneur.
  • Perhaps a manager/executive considering an entrepreneurial venture.
  • Because they're likely to be too inflexible, we don't want a conventional corporate CEO-type. (And many wouldn't even seriously consider coming here anyway.)
  • They know and are very good at their stuff.
  • They understand what needs to be done, and can make sure it gets done.

They'll enjoy having more freedom than in a typical employed role, ongoing continuity of work which removes much of the usual hassle when freelancing, and real (equity-based) ownership.

And, because what needs to be done is relatively clear and simple, a milder-type steady-hand is preferable to a gung-ho entrepreneur likely to take bold strategic risks.

Run it? You're kidding… right?

No. We're not.

So, if you think you might be that person, this is not a time to be shy. Contact us and let's see.