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(Less than a minute to read.)

Should you change what you're doing?

Often when things aren't working, it's because of how we're doing something… and a different way might be better.



(Less than a minute to read, + audio/video.)

Bill Cohen explores 'putting others first'.

Traditional leadership is the exercise of power by someone at the 'top of the pyramid'.

But the servant-leader turns the power pyramid upside down, and puts the needs of others first.


Questions to ask yourself.

(1 minute read.)

Caterina Rando considers evaluation and effectiveness.

Asking ourselves (and answering) a few simple questions can increase profit (and time savings) in our businesses.


The secrets of great teams.

(4 minute read.)

Warren Bennis reminds us how much we can accomplish working toward a shared purpose.

Personal leadership is one of the most studied topics. Far less studied, and perhaps more important, is team leadership.

Although the disparity of interest is logical, few great accomplishments are ever the work of a single individual.


Start with the end in mind.

(2 minute read, + audio/video.)

Isaiah Hankel considers 'life direction and path'.

We're probably all familiar with 'carrot-and-stick', the various rewards and punishment which are commonly used to guide behavior.

But what if, instead of being pushed around by other people, you were pulled forward by an end-point you created and were excited about?


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