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Do it.

(Less than a minute to read, + audio/video.)

Derek Halpern explains how to 'act!'.

Do you have a goal you've spent time thinking about but not acting on?

Do you feel you just can't get started?


You must be visible.

(1 minute read.)

Jeanna Pool with advice on exposure.

Have you ever noticed how visible large corporations are?

Think about Coca-Cola, Nike and McDonald's… they're 'everywhere'.


The panhandler’s secret.

(1 minute read.)

Seth Godin with an unusual example of creating a relationship.

When there were old-school parking meters in New York, quarters were precious.

One day, I'm walking down the street and a guy comes up to me and says: 'Do you have a dollar for four quarters?' He held out his hand with four quarters in it.


Why people don't set goals.

(1 minute read.)

Joshua Uebergang outlines several reasons.

Goal-setting is the a foundation of personal development and achievement.

Most people who set goals have little understanding of goal-setting, and as a result fail to achieve them and so never succeed.


Two years.

(Less than a minute to read, + audio/video.)

'The Art of Improvement' remind us that success is a process of appropriate mindset and consistent actions.

A lot can be accomplished in two years.

You can…

Try a sport you've always wanted to start, and become great at it.

Start a morning routine and affect your mood and stress at a deep level.

Start a business and make it a big success.


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