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Are you an amateur or a professional?

(3 minute read.)

Wendy Weiss considers the essential difference.

A friend of mine is building a highly-successful Network Marketing business. As we're both entrepreneurs, we talk a lot about our businesses… egg each other on, give advice, commiserate, etcetera.

She was feeling frustrated. 'Amateurs, I'm tired of dealing with amateurs.'

I knew what she meant.


Coping with criticism.

(6 minute read.)

Marilyn Lesmeister with advice on how to deal with it.

When a waiter put too much pepper on her salad, the diner tasted it and remarked: 'Hmm. Needs more salad.'

We all faces moments of criticism.

It often makes us feel hurt, angry, vulnerable, guilty or helpless.


Becoming mentally strong.

(1 minute read, + audio/video.)

Amy Morin explains how our minds can set traps for us, and our bad habits cost us.

We each have the ability to build mental strength, but most don't know how.

We often consider physical health and strength, but neglect mental health and strength.


Why most people fail in NM, and how you can avoid it.

(2 minute read.)

Michael Lemm on factors that keep Network Marketers from achieving true success.

A good thing about NM is that anyone can get started in it. A bad thing about NM is that anyone can get started in it.

I'll clarify.

The reason most fail is they have no clue about what's involved or how to do it properly.



(Less than a minute to read.)

Think about what you're doing.

For many (and perhaps most), there's times in life when 'we're on auto-pilot'.

We get into a routine, and don't consider 'Is this what I really want?'


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