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Being a 'natural'.

(5 minute read.)

Tim Sales explains the importance of saying the right thing at the right time with prospects.

Effectively communicating with prospects and others is important to your potential success. And being able to do so naturally is a huge advantage.

There are several definitions for the word 'natural' and it's important you know which I'm referring to.


Avoid awkward beginnings.

(3 minute read.)

Tom Hopkins with: 'The more prepared you are, the more relaxed you will be. The more relaxed you are, the fewer awkward beginnings you'll encounter.'

When you first meet a person, your goal is to get them to: like you, trust you, and want to listen to you.

If you're meeting in person, after a call to set up an appointment, you must have built enough curiosity in what you will do for them to get that far. They obviously want to listen to you.

However, their curiosity will only take them so far.


How to get a regular flow of good quality referrals.

(3 minute read.)

Michael Oliver shows how to get more and better-quality leads from referrals.

Asking for referrals is a great way to boost your Network Marketing business, through increasing the flow of leads.

Unfortunately, many Network Marketers are either reluctant to ask for referrals or, when they do, not very effective in getting good referrals.


Courageous patience.

(2 minute read, + audio/video.)

Brian Tracy outlines a route to success.

There's several different aspects of courage.

Perhaps the most important is 'patience in adversity'.

This is 'courageous patience'… the willingness and the ability to endure, to persist, to 'hang in there'… in the face of doubt, uncertainty and criticism from others.


The American Dream?

(4 minute read.)

John Fogg asks 'Network Marketing… lottery, or determination and hard work?

Why do we lose so many Network Marketers?
Why is the attrition rate so high?

The usual answers include:

  • The cost of becoming a distributor is so low, that people have little or nothing at risk.
  • People aren't trained properly.
  • People lack enough self-discipline.
  • New recruits don't get immediate results and therefore lose incentive and interest.

They're all true, but miss the fundamental mark.


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