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With today's entries we've now hit the hundred-marker for magazine items.

I suppose a brief moment of self-congrats is ok…

With the type and quantity of magazine items, we've settled into a good routine… clear about just what we're publishing, and how much of it.

Loosely aiming for 'about 5-10 minutes read-time daily', there's a mix of short and longer stuff, simple and more complex, frequent videos.

And, with those items coming from from 65 NM and non-NM sources, there's clearly a decent variety of people and topics.

And, of course, those sources have useful further good info for those who explore the appropriate links.

Our initial doubts about not using a non-magazine format (y'know, where the intro page has multiple smallish attention-grabbing graphics) have gone.

So we'll stick with what might be considered more-of-a-blog-type layout, using graphics sparingly.

Something we've not yet sorted is audio.

We've a lot of good interviews and other stuff to publish, and we'll get to it soon.

Overall, for two months activity I'm happy with things.

We're meeting our guidelines…

No-nonsense practical how-to advice to 'make you think, and help you understand'… which should help anyone build a better Network Marketing business, and through sensible self-development live a better life.

It's firmly in accord with John's point of 'grow your business by growing yourself'.

So what next?

More of the same, I guess.

We'll continue to focus on authenticity and practicality, with realistic advice from a wide variety of non-NM sources… rather than the 'it's all good, just keep believing' fast-and-easy stuff often circulating within NM.

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