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A question of...

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The type of stuff we publish here. And why.

(With lifelong personal insecurities of 'is it enough, and good enough?'), I've been concerned about the suitability of our potential content.

I wonder whether many NMers will consider it appropriate.


Because, relative to much of the 'how to' info published for NMers, the diet here might appear 'highbrow'.

It's not, and if it does at times look that way… that's because it's 'a bit more business-ey', and includes stuff from experts who aren't NM-oriented and things which don't seem immediately relevant.

Let's be clear…

#1 As Fogg outlines in 'The American Dream?'…NM is a business, and should be approached and undertaken accordingly.

#2 To do well in NM, you don't need to 'learn about business'. It's not mandatory.

A paradox?

Seemingly-so, but not.

  • No, you don't need to know anything about… 'accumulated depreciation', 'break-even analysis', 'cross elasticity of demand', 'earnings before interest taxes depreciation and amortization (EBITDA)' and other such slumber-inducers.
  • Yes, it'll be at least useful to have some appreciation of some of the stuff which can make a business successful:

    …administration, advertising, branding, coaching, customer service, finance, getting started, goal-setting, internet, leadership, legal issues, management, marketing, motivation, networking, personal growth, presentation, promotion, prospecting, public speaking, recruiting, research, retailing, selling, strategy, teamwork, technology, time management, tools, training, vision, women, writing.

And, 'beyond business', sensible advice on self-development is of course useful in other areas of life.

Long-story-short, we publish genuinely useful stuff which should help anyone build a better Network Marketing business, and which'll certainly help 'em live better lives.

So, should they ever drop-out of Network Marketing (as so many do), then what's here will continue to be of use to them.

That's why we pitch 'advice & support for Network Marketers', rather than 'Network Marketing advice & support'.

Although seemingly-small, it's a very important distinction.

I remember John saying something about 'grow your business by growing yourself'. Seems about right.

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