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All together now.

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Mambo for many?

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We've previously been open about 'We want to be an honest and generous operation, authentic and human-in-a-good-way.'.

And also how this and 'make money' aren't mutually exclusive.

Although we began this 'because we think it provides a worthwhile service which should cover our financial needs and reasonable wants (plus a bit extra)', I think a further step 'away from the money' might be appropriate.

Let's be clear… although Upline365 has to have appropriate commercial considerations, 'profit' isn't the main one.

Yes, we hope and expect to make money, but as a natural consequence of doing something worthwhile.

Profit is not the objective.

Recently, we've noted…

'The NM equivalent of Inc magazine [web variant]' might be a good way to explain what we're trying to do here… provide an ongoing source of useful information to a large audience.

For 'influence and power'?

Yes. Sort of.

We want to encourage (have the power to influence) NMers to 'be sensible… work earnestly, rather than do the get-rich-quick hypey-thing'.

And while we can do that on a relatively small scale, the beneficial effects will of course be greater when done on a grand scale.

So, can Upline365 become more of a 'movement' than a simple commercial enterprise?

Yep. It can.


By increasingly embracing the 'it's not about the money' points made earlier.

And being unambiguously clear that the focus really is about 'helping'… genuinely-so, rather than some cleverly-insincere self-serving way.


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