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24  Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes...
That's all folks? You oughta know.
21  Quick sit-rep.
A brief update and apology.
26  More videos?
Why we include YouTube clips.
01  Developing ability.
By learning, and practice, we get better.
31  100-up.
With today's entries we've now hit the hundred-marker for magazine items.
28  Slice.
Future development options.
25  My way?
Developing additional services.
21  Wanted: people.
Growing the business and getting more readers.
17  Freebie. Woo-hoo!
We've added gift-packs for all pre-launch members.
15  Hardline?
Be realistic about this business.
13  All together now.
Mambo for many?
11  Learn and prosper.
'Know more' or 'no more'?
09  He said…
It's only words, but they're true-and-honest important ones.
03  Clear.
This way. Not that way.
02  That was April.
An 'ok' first issue.
17  Hokum.
'...the most tiresome and stupid advice that could possibly be given.'
16  Not like that.
In many ways, Network Marketing is simple and straightforward (but not always easy).
13  Trial membership expired?
Money tight?
10  Vibe.
Everybody say 'yay'.
09  Cluck.
Chicken-and-egg thing.
06  Stuff.
More about what we'll publish.
06  Yum.
'Attractive pricing... sweet.' We're trying to provide a really good deal.
05  Feed me.
We prefer Rss to a regular email newsletter.
05  Unsocial.
How we'll use social media.
04  Blank.
What we're doing about news. (Clue: very little.)
04  New. And not.
'I've already read that.'
03  Upline261?
We add items daily, every day.
03  Magazine?
We didn't know what else to call it.
03  A question of...
The type of stuff we publish here. And why.
02  Ambassador.
Help yourself by helping others.
02  Juice.
What we sell, and how we do it.
02  Can you dig it?
We want to be an honest and generous operation, authentic and human-in-a-good-way.
30  Bubble.
'Maybe.' A few words about what we're building.
30  Tagged.
The name is a nod to the past.
30  Simple. Understate.
Simple and under-stated, with no hype.
29  Remake, remodel.
For re-launch, things are different and improved.
29  Info.
What, how, and why. Etcetera.
29  Roll.
And so we begin… (again).

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