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'Maybe.' A few words about what we're building.

While 'John Milton Fogg' is familiar to many in NM, I happily remain relatively unknown.

Although most of my work has been with conventional business, J and I have on-off-on worked together since 98, during which we've become friends.

With age, we've both mellowed somewhat, and are no longer prone to the fiery fall-outs we experienced years ago.

We've considered how this project might develop, and although it has to be financially viable, 'profit' isn't the main consideration.

We're both aware that, done well, this could and should reach a relatively high number of people, and become a sizeable business with good longevity.

Whether 'big or small', either is ok, and the agenda is clear… build something which helps decent NMers do well.

And, rather than 'hype-it-up, sign a gazillion free users asap, go seek $4 mil in vc-funding for accelerated growth', we'll instead develop at a more natural and unhurried pace.

Our primary focus is, with a friendly/laid-back ethos, to provide something genuinely worthwhile… a natural consequence of which is the money to cover our financial needs and reasonable wants (plus a bit extra).

Through outsourcing we'll retain a small core… no corporate base or employed staff, just freelancers working from 'wherever' to do what's required.

While this may sound daft, it's a sensible way to operate… increasing flexibility and reducing fixed cost.

Neither J nor I want to be 'boss'. (We're both probably getting too old for it anyway.)

So, between us we'll set-up and mother this thing through to stability, and thereafter step swiftly aside into a background role from which we can help appropriately.

'Somebody else can monitor and manage things…', we'll find an appropriate individual to helm this business, a 'savvy head-honcho to set direction and watch over things', and thus release us.

And we'll welcome a lady, because that should help ensure a kinder, gentler (though still of course effective) business.

So, that's the plan.

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