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That's all folks? You oughta know.

When we relaunched in April, it was with a plan to 'make me redundant asap'… move away from the day-to-day stuff of finding/adding content, marketing, and everything else… to a background role where I can advise and guide accordingly.

That's not happened.

The plan remains just that: 'something intended to be done'.

Content has appeared, but marketing? No, along with finding someone else to handle my other tasks, that's not even begun.

Why? In recent months, much of my time and energy has been used dealing with less-than-ideal health.

And right now, perhaps for the foreseeable future, this'll continue and I simply don't have the energy to continue doing what I've been doing here.

So… because there's no one else to do it, we likely won't have September/October/other magazine issues.

My immediate focus has to shift toward 'replacing me', with someone doing what I've been doing.

When that's done, normal service will resume: content will appear, and we may even get around to marketing this thing properly.

So yeah, that's about it for now. You'll know more when I do.

And, if you're curious or serious about becoming involved, the 'collaborate' page has further info.

Aug 27 update…

Development of this project is now paused.

Due to a sudden and unexpected deterioration in my health, most likely a consequence of the cancer-countering medication I'm receiving, I have to stop immediately.

Aug 31 update…

Although I'd intended to stop immediately, I was unhappy about leaving the August issue incomplete.

So, I've today added items for the days which would otherwise have had nothing.

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