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Chicken-and-egg thing.

The purpose of these Notes is to help remove ambiguity about what we're doing, so those who're interested can better-decide whether we're appropriate for them.

Things'll of course become clearer with time, just through 'being here'… a natural rhythm will develop, we'll 'get into a groove' (but not some sixties-funk-thing with huge afros), and each item we add to 'Magazine' will help define our 'it'.

But early-on, this isn't so.

It's not possible to get 'true view' when there's just three items published.

It'll be nice to have 'true fans', those who…

'Focus on the emotional/cultural elements and think about the facts later.'

(Probably a bit similar to Apple-buyers, where you 'don't really care too much about the megahertz, but know it's right for you'.)

But this isn't our plan.

Although we know what we're doing (ha! famous last words), and have full confidence in the worth-and-value of what's on offer, we don't expect anyone to 'just trust'…

Of course, some ambiguity is inevitable, and can be acceptable…

Often… houses are sold off-plan (pre-construction), and exotic automobiles have lengthy wait-lists of those attracted by a prototype.

It can be an advantage in attracting 'early adopters'… those who respond positively to a not-fully-formed idea, and like it enough to participate.

But, personally, I like to know 'enough'. And hence want others to be able to.

After nearly five years daily use, there's still things I still don't know how to do on my iPad… and I often have to Google-search answers.

Had there been a manual, I'd have read it early-on… and again when I needed to. (Just like my cooker and washing machine, for things of which I'm not sure and need a refresher.)

Modern day, though. No manual.

Honest question: 'Have Apple, by not providing basic usage info, helped or hindered buyers?'

So, as we're able, we add relevant stuff here. (And, if you've questions, please ask.)

With all this in mind, we'll 'stay low for a month-or-so' until there's enough early stuff in 'Magazine' to provide a better idea to anyone considering spending their money with us.

During this time… we'll do no marketing, and be inactive on social media.

Thereafter, we'll 'kick it up a notch'.

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