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Be realistic about this business.

Let's be clear about something…

Although they may not seem to be, two items added last month are probably among the most important stuff we could ever publish.

In bringing perspective to much of what happens in NM, they consider often-overlooked basics… stuff which is essential.

While others are gushing about 'how great it all is', we're urging caution.

  • You have to be enthusiastic.
  • And you have to be realistic.

Either alone isn't enough.

In the 30-or-so years I've been in-and-around this business, quietly advising companies/distributors/coaches/others, I've seen something which hasn't changed…

  • Most who come into NM are unprepared for what lies ahead.
  • Many don't even want to know.
  • They won't do what's required.
  • They'll quit. Usually within a few months, often a year.
  • They won't even bother to make a genuine effort.


That's a stark contrast with what's often portrayed…

Hoo-ha about how 'you're joining a special cadre…

Transforming peoples' lives… effortless prosperity' etcetera and that all you have to do is 'believe and follow instruction'.

Whether this is anybody's 'fault' (and there's often a lot of 'you didn't tell me…' blame bandied-around) isn't important.

What matters is that it's the responsibility of anyone considering NM to be aware of what they're getting into, and to then act appropriately.

The reality is that, like any other business, this business is about sales. And, like any other business, a variety of things are required to produce those sales.

We'll keep covering such stuff, so those who're serious about prospering can learn and work accordingly.

We really don't care much about anything else.

Let's close with this from Mark Yarnell…

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If you don't do the work to get products and services into the hands of the end users, you won't make any money.

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