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Learn and prosper.

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'Know more' or 'no more'?

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I want to briefly revisit a point made by John:

My clear-and-unambiguous advice for NM success is: 'grow your business by growing yourself'.

It's valuable and important advice, which shouldn't be casually disregarded.

The 'secret' of all great leaders…?


They have one thing in common:

They read voraciously.

Studies suggest the average American reads just one book a year!

Worse than this, is that 60% of average Americans only get through the first chapter.

Contrast this with the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies…

Who, on average, read four-to five-books every month.

And some of the most successful leaders throughout history were known to read a book every day.

Further studies show that among executives who feel they're not achieving the level of success of which they feel capable…

A common denominator is that many of them are 'too busy to keep up with their reading'.

And additional studies suggest that active readers are likely to have annual incomes of more than five-times greater than those who spend little or no time reading.

Can you be a leader and not an avid reader?

Abraham Lincoln, who only had one year of formal education, credited his success to his appetite for reading.

Teddy Roosevelt was rumored to read two books a day.

Thomas Jefferson had one of the most extensive personal libraries of his time.

As an advisor, I'm in favor of personal and professional development…

For one simple reason… it works.


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