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We didn't know what else to call it.

We chose 'magazine' to describe 'the core of Upline365' because the word is readily understood.

So… is that monthly or weekly?

Neither. It's continuously updated.


We're drawing from the dictionary definition of magazine as:

Something usually published on a regular schedule, with a varied format on a variety of topics.

(Strictly, the word 'magazine' refers to a collection or storage location.)

We have 'a varied format on a variety of topics', so 'regular schedule' was to be decided.

We initially thought about weekly/monthly… because that's how most magazines have traditionally been produced.

But there's drawbacks… content has to be delayed before being made available.

That seems a waste… readers could already have been benefiting if they'd had earlier access.

So 'daily' seems better… no delays, no waiting. (And of course, that's how much of the web is done.)

But is that still a magazine? Yep. Just think a bit differently.

(Besides, with a steady stream of good stuff, who really cares whether it's daily/weekly/monthly?)

It'd have been easy to follow others…

Monthly issues, published complete on day-one of the month (rather than continuously updated daily), and maybe with an attention-grabbing cover image and magazine-style sections.

But we haven't.

Instead, we've plumped for function rather than form… and present info in a no-nonsense format which is easy to digest.

Let's be clear… what's important is the content. The text, audio and video.

They need to be presented cleanly. And unambiguously.

Anything else is superflous, likely an unnecessary distraction. Frippery.

So, that's why 'it looks more like a book' (or, as best can be practically presented digitally)… start at the top, read-down to the bottom, then move to the next page. No eye-grabbing mid-way distractions.

It's a format for reading, and learning.
Not skimming, with coffee and cake.

So… yes, it's a magazine, even though it doesn't look like one.

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