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More videos?

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Why we include YouTube clips.

We've recently increased the amount of YouTube clips in 'Magazine'.


Not as a quick and easy way to bolster our 'how to do NM better' stuff, but because they can be a really good (simple and effective) way to learn.

It's usually easier to watch/listen than read. And often such info is absorbed and retained more easily than written text.

And although there's times when we prefer to read a ten-minute article, there's others when we'd rather 'just watch'.

Besides, 'watching' isn't compulsory… just listen to the audio, perhaps while doing something else.

'Something else' can of course include browsing.

And, by using one of the various online services or browser add-ons to grab the audio from a YouTube video, it can be added to an audio player and listened to whilst traveling or exercising.

So, that's our excuse/alibi.

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