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Not like that.

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In many ways, Network Marketing is simple and straightforward (but not always easy).

Tell friends/family/colleagues (and others you feel comfortable approaching) what you're doing, and ask if they're interested in buying anything.

Some will, others won't.

And some will also become distributors in your downline.

But, often that's far more difficult (and less effective) than is suggested.

And, NM has increasingly become about 'reaching strangers'.

As Fogg outlined in 'The American Dream?'…

NM is a business, and should be approached and undertaken accordingly.

So, appropriate 'business-y knowledge' can be a good thing.

This seems counter to suggestions from some leading NM people.

It's not helpful, and can be misleadingly damaging, to suggest 'you don't need to bother about all that'… with 'all that' being 'learning how to do things effectively'.

(And it's often accompanied by something like 'just tell 'em how great it all is, and begin with your friends and family'.)

I've no desire to be unnecessarily dismissive, but in the 30-or-so years I've been in-and-around this business, I've seen a lot of poor advice.

Honestly, and without mentioning names or examples, I've read stuff which if you tried you'd likely be laughed-at.

And, with some of it, you'd be lucky to not get punched in the face by the person to whom you said it.

Sadly, such instances aren't isolated.

The relevant issue here is probably how we define 'what you need to know about building a business'.

It's something which attracts differing opinion… things considered essential by some, are thought to be entirely unnecessary by others.

Who'd expect, for example, things relevant to a merchant banker to be appropriate to a plumber?

And running a large corporation clearly requires considerations beyond those of a single-person enterprise.

So yes, 'what you need to know about building a business' depends on various things. And that's ok.

But however much we might differ, it's clear that many (and probably most) NMers don't know enough about what to do and how to do it.

With this in mind, rather than some of the nonsense that's spread, we'll publish genuinely worthwhile stuff.

It's part of preferring to be influential and genuinely help people, rather than become popular simply because we're liked.

(Becoming liked is relatively easy… just tell people what they want to hear, regardless of whether it's valid.)

Bluntly, unless we seriously screw-up, anything published here will be genuinely relevant and worthwhile.

Without a doubt.

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