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(3 minute read.)

Future development options.

Having been thinking about additional services we could introduce without affecting the current core offer of 'lifetime membership, $25' I'm wondering if there's something other than what I outlined earlier.

There is.

And one such option is to simply to sell Upline365.

Whoa. That's not as drastic as it might seem.


My way?

(4 minute read.)

Developing additional services.

Asked what I'd do if I were an active NMer, my answer is clear and simple…

Position myself to receive inbound enquiries.

I'd do so through a website which provided good (sensible and credible, not hypey) info about how to do well in NM.


Wanted: people.

(1 minute read.)

Growing the business and getting more readers.

Thus far, we've done no marketing… preferring instead to get the core offer clear in our minds, with enough onsite content to reasonably portray it.

With that now done, it's time to be looking for more readers, to grow our currently tiny membership.


Freebie. Woo-hoo!

(1 minute read.)

We've added gift-packs for all pre-launch members.

Observant members will likely notice the arrival of a 'G5: Gift pack.' in their member area.

Similar to the 10/25/50 gift packs to provide as gifts to prospects/team/others, it's a freebie from us.

These gift memberships can be distributed as quick-or-slow as you want. The 3-month access begins on the date you make them available to someone.



(2 minute read.)

Be realistic about this business.

Let's be clear about something…

Although they may not seem to be, two items added last month are probably among the most important stuff we could ever publish.

In bringing perspective to much of what happens in NM, they consider often-overlooked basics… stuff which is essential.


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