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All together now.

(8 minute read.)

Mambo for many?

We've previously been open about 'We want to be an honest and generous operation, authentic and human-in-a-good-way.'.

And also how this and 'make money' aren't mutually exclusive.

Although we began this 'because we think it provides a worthwhile service which should cover our financial needs and reasonable wants (plus a bit extra)', I think a further step 'away from the money' might be appropriate.


Learn and prosper.

(4 minute read.)

'Know more' or 'no more'?

I want to briefly revisit a point made by John:

My clear-and-unambiguous advice for NM success is: 'grow your business by growing yourself'.

It's valuable and important advice, which shouldn't be casually disregarded.


He said…

(2 minute read.)

It's only words, but they're true-and-honest important ones.

When recently rooting-through old copy, I came upon something J (?) had written years ago… and which, with a minor update-and-tidy, is included below.



(2 minute read.)

This way. Not that way.

The previous note included a remark about 'how, if we'd conventionally-packaged it as 'Issue #1, April 2018' it'd have been quite a good first issue.

The origin of that was my continuing uncertainty over whether we should structure things as we have (updated daily)… or revert to a more conventional magazine-type format of assembling a month's-worth of content and then release it as a pre-packaged issue at the start of each month.


That was April.

(1 minute read.)

An 'ok' first issue.

A quick tally shows we ended the month with 40 'Magazine' items… with a likely read-time of about two hours, plus a little more to watch the included video clips.

It's all useful stuff, a mix of practical and inspirational, things to think about and do.


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