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(2 minute read.)

'...the most tiresome and stupid advice that could possibly be given.'

The previous note briefly mentioned 'poor advice circulating within NM'.

It's puzzled me why inappropriate advice is common.

Let's briefly expand on it here, and then move onto more productive issues.


Not like that.

(2 minute read.)

In many ways, Network Marketing is simple and straightforward (but not always easy).

Tell friends/family/colleagues (and others you feel comfortable approaching) what you're doing, and ask if they're interested in buying anything.

Some will, others won't.

And some will also become distributors in your downline.


Trial membership expired?

(1 minute read.)

Money tight?

Later than intended, we've just updated things so that members who have an expired trial get this message:

If you've a trial membership which has expired, and you can't afford to renew… please tell us.

It's important to us that nobody is needlessly excluded, and so we'll happily extend your trial for as long as you need to be able to afford full membership.



(7 minute read.)

Everybody say 'yay'.

Business is often considered an impersonal activity… governed by objective numbers, financial ratios, and so-called 'business fundamentals'.

And along with being told 'it has to be this way', otherwise-inappropriate behavior ('nothing personal, just business') is acceptable and sometimes expected/accepted.

I think any suggestion it has to be this way is tosh.



(2 minute read.)

Chicken-and-egg thing.

The purpose of these Notes is to help remove ambiguity about what we're doing, so those who're interested can better-decide whether we're appropriate for them.

Things'll of course become clearer with time, just through 'being here'… a natural rhythm will develop, we'll 'get into a groove' (but not some sixties-funk-thing with huge afros), and each item we add to 'Magazine' will help define our 'it'.


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