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Quick sit-rep.

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A brief update and apology.

There's not much of note happening here… we continue on the path we started, and it's largely uneventful.

We seem to be settling into a publishing schedule, currently and likely to continue as usually…

This should of course tally to just over forty items per month, and we'll continue to update-daily rather than as monthly issues.

There was a minor 'blip!' this week… magazine items which should have been published on Thursday and Friday weren't added until this morning.

I'm sorry about this, and can't promise it'll not happen again…

The cause is my less-than-ideal health… a recent cancer diagnosis being of course not exactly an aid to smooth progress.

Expecting my availability and ability to become further restricted, I'm looking for someone(s) to handle some of my work… including marketing.

In recent months there's rarely been a day when I've had the mental/physical energy to do as much as I want/need…

And so Upline 365 remains among 'Network Marketing's most-stupidly-kept secrets… almost unknown, reaching a relatively tiny audience rather than the many-many thousands who should be benefitting from what's here.

On a personal health note… the YouTube clip below is perhaps my preferred treatment option, but as it's a tad impractical I'll likely instead continue with meds/radiotherapy.

Anyway, that's about it for now.

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