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'Honey... we blew up the website.'

News and updates about site issues.

We add stuff as it arises, and then remove it when no longer relevant.

Here's the current foul-ups, for which 'Sorry. Normal service (what'll break next?) will be resumed asap…

Developing in public.

Site-updates are ongoing… things are being tried, tested, broken, fixed, shifted and generally mucked-around with.

Create-and-adjust… much of what's here isn't yet as good as we want it, but most is ok (and better to have onsite than not).

Various not-yet-ready test-pages may appear in search results and navigation links.

They're usually clearly marked with an appropriate 'this is a test page' message.

Added March 29 2018.

'Dude… where's my page?'

As part of relaunch we're currently adding and moving stuff.

While this continues, some pages may be unreachable… or look like they were designed by Picasso on crack-cocaine.


Email updates are currently misbehaving… showing title of new items, but with no clue of the topic.

Repeatedly pressing the 'OMG!! All-screwed-up…reset! button' hasn't worked, so we're trying other potential fixes.

Having fixed other stuff, these are currently the only issues of which we're aware.

If you see something which doesn't seem right, please tell us. Thanks.

That's all for now. More as we get it.