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More about what we'll publish.

I want to briefly revisit 'the type of stuff we publish here', which is too complex a subject to fully consider in a single Note (and may need another after this).

It'll include a mix of 'practical' and 'aspirational'…

  • 'Practical' is something nuts-and-bolts which'll improve what you're doing. For example, tips on how to communicate better.
  • 'Aspirational' is the mindset-stuff which helps to 'get your head in the right shape'.

The long-story-short is that to do well, we ought to know three things:

  • What to do.
  • How to do it.
  • And 'why?'.

And while these practical considerations are vital, without some attention to 'inner' stuff things become much harder.

There needs to be balance… not too much of one, or too little of the other.

And remember, there's two elements to such information:

  • 1 Acquiring it. The time it takes to read.
  • 2 Using it. The time it takes to embrace, and become sufficiently comfortable with that you're able to integrate it into what you do. This may require repeat-readings of something.

And it's likely some short and quick-to-read items might need more time to embrace than some longer-to-read items. It'll vary.

With this in mind, we're cautious about how much to include.

Perhaps a tad obsessive at times, I enthusiastically want to share good stuff… of which there's lots available.

What we don't want to do is overload anyone.

My preference is to add one-or-two items daily… up to forty-or-so each month.

Told this is too many, I disagree.

Honestly, although I really don't know 'what's enough'… my view is that a varied mix of some-short-others-longer, on the various topics we cover, will be 'about right'.

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