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The name is a nod to the past.

I've been asked how we chose the name.

It's a direct reference to Upline magazine, co-founded by John, and which throughout the '90s was a popular and respected source of Network Marketing advice & support.

Here's a brief look-back…


Throughout the '90s, Upline was the magazine for Network Marketers.

Wanting to serve and honor independent sales associates of Network Marketing companies, the mission was clear: inform, influence and inspire readers to continuously expand their horizons of personal & professional success.

Delivering timely, intelligent, immediately-useful content… for ten-or-so years it presented a who's-who roll-call of knowledge & wisdom which enabled readers to turn-on and tune-in to continuously valuable stuff.

'Stuff happens…' a corporate deal which should have provided funding for growth instead compromised the ethos, and publication ceased.

Revered and much-missed, many continue to ask 'Will it return?'



The world's moved on… and while an original-format Upline is unsuited to a digital age, an appropriate reworking is entirely apt

Welcome to Upline365, the vibrantly-refreshed & renewed continuation of the Upline spirit and purpose.

John Milton Fogg, co-founder Upline and Upline365.

So 'back'?… no. We're firmly stepping forward and boldly striding ahead.

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