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Trial membership expired?

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Money tight?

Later than intended, we've just updated things so that members who have an expired trial get this message:

If you've a trial membership which has expired, and you can't afford to renew… please tell us.

It's important to us that nobody is needlessly excluded, and so we'll happily extend your trial for as long as you need to be able to afford full membership.

I don't envisage any limits to this. So, worst-case-scenario…

If you're a lifelong hopeless loser*, you can get the free trial forever.

*In no-way being insulting to others, this is something with which I'm personally familiar (in 40 years of entrepreneurial up-and-downs, it's been mighty bleak at times). 🙂

Having spent too much of my life with 'not enough money' (and I'm referring to 'cover essentials' rather than 'wealth beyond avarice'), I empathise with those who're well-intentioned but unable to do what they need/want.

So, helping others by extending a free trial seems a decent thing to do.

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