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How we'll use social media.

Our Facebook and Twitter activity is currently zero. And may remain so awhile.

To be honest, we're not sure what to do about 'em. Nor instagram.

We want to use them authentically, for things which are genuinely worthwhile.

Too often, they're simply used in a manipulative manner… flimsy pretences to sell more stuff.

Facebook is probably a good venue for chit-chat… of itself, fairly inconsequential but which brightens our lives.

I don't want to use it to feature content and encourage site visits. And I'm undecided about the appropriateness of using it as a venue for 'comments about articles, etcetera'.

That seems a distraction… using time and effort which could have been better-used in 'read it, use it'.

(Rather than 'read it, use it, and then chat about it on Facebook'.)

Besides, aren't we all already busy enough?

And Twitter/Instagram?

I'm flummoxed and disappointed by much of what I've seen.

  • Seems to be too-often just a 'buy my stuff' megaphone, with various people shouting across the void.
  • Or laden with aspirational quotes and graphics. (For which, there's a place, but too often they seem to be just an attention-getting ploy.)

I've seen Twitter used relatively effectively for brief contact-and-interaction among several people. And that may be the way we decide to use it.

But, as with Facebook, I don't want to use it to feature teaser-content and encourage site visits.

Neither seem to be an appropriate use.

We've wondered about using an onsite forum to foster contact and interchange between those who want it.

That's something which can easily be done and may be useful… though I'm still concerned that it'd be a distraction, using time and energy which could have been better-used 'building a business, rather than talking about it'.

Intended as explanation rather than criticism, this is probably a good point to stop.

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