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We add items daily, every day.

Although there's various things about which we might not-yet-be-quite-sure (read: 'have no clue'), there's no doubt that we update 'Magazine' daily.

Every day, even at weekends.

Initially, we weren't sure whether this was wise… or if a weekend-break is a preferable alternative to potentially overloading readers.

But, with '365' in the name, adding stuff on Saturdays and Sundays seems sensible.

Otherwise, it'd have to be 'Upline261' (or whatever-the-math of deducting 104 weekend-days).

So then, everyday it is.

A slight compromise is that saturday-and-sunday stuff will be shorter than usual… deliberately brief.

Something to ponder, a 'hhhmmmm…' gentle nudge which doesn't over-intrude on what's often relaxation-time.

And, of course, this provides some time to revisit and study what's been added Monday-Friday.

(And, for those who have spare weekend-time, we'll usually add an additional item on Friday.)

As for 'how much stuff daily?'… likely one-or-two items, each probably requiring 5-30 minutes read+think time.

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