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'Attractive pricing... sweet.' We're trying to provide a really good deal.

A few weeks after our 2016 launch Foggster added something to his Facebook page and it's worth a mention here.

So, let's get to it now before we all get too much older.

Here's the piece, referring to the price of Upline365…

'Silly cheap', because…

When you subscribe to Upline365 today, you pay $25.

And for a limited time you're subscribed for life.

Evidently, the price is so low some people question if there's something wrong.

What there is, is something right. Finally. Here's why…

  • 1 Most Network Marketers aren't making money. Yet. Some take even longer.

    They have to buy products, marketing materials, attend events. More. All expenses that often add up to more than they're making.

    The catch-22 is they also need to invest in educating themselves on how to do the business successfully.

    To hustle them for $197, $495, $99.95 to give them what they need to help them grow their business is out-of-line. Unrealistic. And, I say, greedy. It doesn't have to be that way, because…

  • 2 The costs of doing things digitally is low.

    No paper, printing, distribution.

    Of course there's development and admin expenses. Websites cost money to build and maintain. Content costs, too.

    But a digital publication costs pretty much the same to deliver to 90, 800, 6,000 and up-and-up.

So combining #1 and #2, when Upline365 is launched, it'll be $45 for a year. Until then, it's $25, for Lifetime membership.

I've said for years…

'I don't care about making thousands of MLM millionaires.

I'm committed to having millions of Network Marketing thousandaires'.

Upline365 is what we're doing to achieve that result.

Good piece, it speaks for itself and needs no clarification or reinforcement from me.

I will though, mention a comment to that piece:

Rita Pittman: 'Did anyone else see that!

The Ambassador package is an off-the-charts offer as well. What a great idea!'

Thanks Rita.

And for those to whom that Ambassador option is unfamiliar…

Access to everything, forever.
Plus 100 3-month memberships to provide as gifts to prospects/team/others.
Price: $250.

(When Rita originally referred to it, the offer was 50 guest memberships. Since then it's been sweetened to 100.)

This is just a normal part of how we do things here.

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